The Plough

Traditional Pub & Local

The Plough

Traditional Pub & Local Drinks Sourced from the Area

The Plough is proud to have served countless generations of Southend locals, many of whom will fondly remember spending time here with their family and friends over the years.

The Plough

The History of the Plough

The Plough pub in Southend has been around for centuries, and is one of the oldest pubs in town. With a rich history that dates back to 1654, it has stood as a beacon of hospitality, laughter and good times throughout the ages. The warm atmosphere here at The Plough ensures that everyone is welcome and enjoys their time here – no matter what your age or background!

‌If you take a trip down memory lane, you’ll be transported back to when the pub was first established almost four hundred years ago. Back then it served as a meeting place for local farmers, merchants and clergy members who would gather to sell their wares, share stories or simply enjoy some drinks. Nowadays we still retain much of the same charm and character that made this place so popular back in the day.

The Only Pub In Westcliff Open Until 1am


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